It’s a no from us: Jedward reveal they turned down job hosting Xtra Factor


Pop twins Jedward have revealed they turned down a chance to present the Xtra Factor.
The Dubliners revealed they were asked by ITV bosses to host the show alongside DJ Sarah-Jane Crawford.
But Jedward decided to pass on the big-money presenting opportunity, adding: “They had a girl so they needed two guys, we passed”.
However Edward, 22, told the Irish Sun that the money doesn’t matter to them – as they are rich enough to buy their own house soon.

“Are Jedward well off? We don’t owe money so I suppose we are, in fact we’re hoping to buy a house soon,” he said.
“We also made a lot of money for other people. That leaves us free to go around the world to play and work on our sound.”
And John insisted that despite having no record label they aren’t giving up on their career – and will still be going in five years.

“Of course some people have written us off but we still plan on doing this in five years’ time,” he said.
“We’d like people to give us a break. We’ve crossed all sorts of boundaries and appealed to people who didn’t give us a chance before.

Source: Goss