Jedward left shaken after thugs attack twins on flight

Jedward were left badly shaken after being bullied on a Ryanir flight

The brothers were flying from Gothenburg to London earlier this week when they were targeted by thugs.

The pop duo were on their 19-date European ‘Peace Tour’ when they were harassed.

A group of thugs reportedly moved seats on the flight to harass them.

At one point things got to the point that an air hostess even threatened to alert the police when they landed.

‘It got so heated the air hostess had to announce that the police would be waiting when the plane touched down if the row didn’t stop,’ a source said.

Although fans intervened to defend them, Jedward said it was still a “very frightening situation.”

Jedward said they will get UFC champ Conor McGregor to teach them how to defend themselves.

‘No one is going to harass us. Conor is somebody who could help. Go on the Irish. We’re going to give him a call’, the pair told The Irish Sun.

‘John had his hair pulled. It felt like being back in school with a bunch of bullies.’