Jedward: ‘We’re going to make a record with David Hasslehoff’

BAD NEWS Germany – Jedward want to give you a new National Anthem… and they’re gonna ask The Hoff to help.


The boys make a cameo appearance in new movie Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! where they met Baywatch star David Hasslehoff on set.

And although they were given the task by producers of writing the theme song for the B movie, they have an another project in mind.

Edward says: “We don’t own any of David’s CDs, but we’d be up for teaming up with him.

“We could come up with a new national anthem for Germany — we’ll call it Jedmany-Hoff — or something great.”

But it was another musical legend who they turned to when they came to pen new single Oh Hell No! – musical legend Sir Paul McCartney.

The former Beatle has admitted he’s a fan of the band and when the time came to work on the title track for the third instalment of SyFy’s ridiculous made-for-TV film franchise it was his advice the twins called upon.

John says: “I can remember talking to Paul McCartney about writing theme songs for movies, and he said not to mention the name of the film, to make it universal for people.”

The former X Factor contestants didn’t totally take his wisdom on board, calling the track Oh Hell No, nor did they fully deliver what film bosses wanted.

Edward says: “They wanted alternative rock — and we tried writing some Def Leppard-style songs — but I wanted claps and high hats and kicks and for it to be mainly driven by a trumpet. The song is just like the atmosphere of Sharknado — we tried to capture the anticipation and fear of when a sharknado is happening.”

For those unfamiliar with what a sharknado is, it’s a (thankfully) made-up weather phenomenon in which a tornado empties the oceans of all its finned inhabitants and throws them on to dry land — where they begin to eat everyone and everything in their path.

John adds: “Originally the song was called Nerve Fire, but then we changed direction and started writing the raps to go with it.

“When we’re writing songs we try to use words that no one’s used before. We’re not the number one rappers in the world, but Kanye West should watch out.”

They also had another source of inspiration when writing the track — pal Tara Reid, who stars in the movie. Edward says: “I was imagining Tara screaming, and all this intensity.”

Between takes of the new movie the twins got to spend time with some of the other celebrities making cameo appearances in the film Jerry Springer and retro pin-up Bo Derek.

It’s commendable that the boys even agreed to appear in Sharknado after they nearly died at sea off Dublin last year.

An evening stroll with their cousin along Donabate beach almost turned deadly when rising tides stranded them on a sandbank. Their beloved mum saved the day after she immediately alerted the coastguards who rushed to their rescue after a panicked phonecall from the pair.

escuers were forced to wade through the waves after darkness fell, getting them to dry land at 1am.

The ordeal meant they were able to give an even deeper performance in Sharknado.

They say: “We thought about that when we were in the film — it was really serious.”

But the experience hasn’t left them with a total aversion to the sea, they can still see the benefits of seaside life.

Edward says: “If we were sea creatures we’d be mermen, like Zoolander in the film.

“We can already do ‘Blue Steel’ (Zoolander’s signature pose) and the water would keep our quiffs in shape.”

The Great White Album:
Macca’s Sharknado hits
1. Twister And Shout
2. A Hard Day’s Bite
3. Bait Days A Week
4. Hey Chewed
5. Jawsberry Fields Forever
6. Lady My-Dinner
7. Oh Bloody, Oh Blood Aaaargh (Life Don’t Go On)
8. I Am Not The Walrus
9. With A Little Yelp From My Friends
10. Armband On The Run
11. Help!
12. Live And Let Die
13. Somefin

Source: The Sun