Jedward talk Sharknado 3: ‘We weren’t killed off, and now we’re writing music for the movie’

The Dublin duo star in the franchise with best friend Tara Reid

Jedward have revealed they could be back for another Sharknado movie, after producers kept the singers alive in the latest instalment.

The X Factor stars have already filmed their scenes for Sharknado 3, and admitted they weren’t killed off like most of the cast.

“No we don’t get eaten, they wanted to keep our roles open because we are going to totally do loads of stuff. They killed off everybody else but didn’t kill us off,” John said.

Celebrities such as David Hasselhoff Jerry Springer and Frankie Muniz all make appearances in the third instalment of the popular franchise.

And while Jedward could be kickstarting their acting career, the Dublin twins revealed they’re also working on the soundtrack for the movie.

“They were talking about it, they were talking about doing some songs,” John told Yahoo.

“We already put forward some early stages of songs to the director and they all thought they were cool ideas.

“For Sharknado to write a song, you need to get yourself in the atmosphere, and imagining there is chaos all around you.

“It’s got to be theatrical, the intensity of sharks flying everywhere,” John added.