The views from the Cliffs of Moher and the Burren are JEPIC! 🙌🏼

Everyone needs to get close to the Waterline and experience the west of Ireland with your family and friends and make your own magical memories

Our adventure along the Wild Atlantic Way was ICONIC! Swipe to see it all ➡️

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JedHawk our new hairstyle!

Bleached and cut ready to film our next tv project filming this June! It’s gonna be exciting to get back into studio and being on your TV screens.
We have loads of iconic new looks ready to rock. We’re going to have to get covid tests for over 10 days so our noses aren’t ready for it. We’ve been twinning for over 10 years!

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The JEPIC old days Shirts and ties styled by our Mom and aunties

We hope our future kids can rock these jackets and tie pins. Who knows what the future holds but looking back on old photos really is a touching moment and brings us back to our roots and feeling all kinds of emotions. This was a time in our life where we got bullied and weren’t really accepted like most of our life we smiled and fought through it like most people school is a difficult time.But we’re here today and we are still the same souls of energy.