Jedward as you’ve never seen them before… looking all grown up without their trademark quiff

They won over the nation with their garish outfits and comedy ‘dance’ routines on The X Factor.

But Dublin twins John and Edward are seen here as never before, looking mature and grown up, dressed in smart suits and overcoats.

Showing off their sartorial splendour, the brothers have also lost their trademark quiff in favour of a classic side-parting and topped off their stylish look with a pair of shades.

In the space of weeks, the 18-year-olds, known collectively as Jedward, have morphed from unknown, off-key wannabes to international pop icons with fans ranging from David Cameron, Kelly Osbourne, Pixie Lott and Henry Holland to Will Young and Agyness Deyn.

They are now preparing their next move with speculation they’ll do everything from appearing in the next 118 advert to becoming the new Ant and Dec.

It may come as a surprise, but the boys insist they love fashion and jumped at the chance to take part in the photoshoot for Grazia.

Edward told the magazine: ‘We love fashion. We don’t really wear specific designers as we can’t afford them.

‘But when we were on the show it was more about us having a slick, solid image that had impact rather than a label. We hardly ever wore T-shirts – only shirts with ties.’

Despite being given the boot from the X Factor, the twins have still had plenty on their plate and performed a private set to hundreds of fans in west London on Sunday.

The brothers sang four of the tunes they performed on The X Factor for employees of the show’s sponsor Talk Talk, at the communications company’s head office.

Jedward wrapped up in a pair of puffer jackets and kept themselves warm on the cold evening with an energetic set that included the Ghostbusters theme, Robbie Williams’s Rock DJ and Queen’s Under Pressure.

Speaking before their performance the twins said they were now backing Stacey Solomon to win the ITV talent show.

However, they confessed they did not see Lloyd Daniels’ exit this weekend because they were on stage performing at the time.

The pair also had a message of congratulations for Susan Boyle, who topped the album charts this week with record-breaking sales for her debut record I Dreamed A Dream.

Like the twins, Boyle also failed to win her reality show Britain’s Got Talent and the significance has not been lost on the pair.

They said: ‘The thing about Susan Boyle is she proved she was good and didn’t have to win it at the end of the day, she didn’t have to show what she can do.

‘It wasn’t like “Oh my God, I’ve won” because it wouldn’t have added much. There would have been more pressure on her, more expected of her but then when she didn’t win it she could go off and do her own thing.’

The twins joked their X Factor highlight was getting their quiffs highlighted for the live show and their biggest regret was not getting to meet R ‘n’ B star Rihanna, who performed on yesterday’s results show.

They said: ‘I wanted to go up to Rihanna and say here’s an umbrella, or get under your umbrella, ella, ella, ay, ay.’

With a busy schedule the twins have not yet decided what their next move will be, but they admitted they have not been short of offers.

‘People are saying we can do movies and presenting and all sorts of different things,’ they said.

‘It’s kind of weird because we came into this competition and it was all about getting a single and getting your album.

‘But now there’s all these doors open.’