Hot TV: War over Jedward, Celebrity Coach Trip

FORMER Strictly dancer James Jordan and X Factor twins Jedward hated one another when they were on Celebrity Big Brother last year.

He called them “immature and talentless” while they branded him “a nobody”.

So it’s no surprise the war raged on when they ended up on Celebrity Coach Trip together.

Rows broke out between them as they and a host of stars were driven around Europe, and it caused a real split in the camp.

James’s wife Ola and reality star Charlotte Crosby turned against Jedward. But ex-Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallett sided with the twins.

A show source said: “To say James dislikes Jedward would be a huge understatement. When the stars voted for who should go there was a massive divide.

Filming was delayed three hours.”

Fans will have to wait for the footage as the E4 series airs next year.

Source: Daily Star

Jedward reunite with Coast Guard to thank them for saving their lives

The Lucan twins were stranded at sea


Pop duo Jedward took time to visit the Coast Guards who saved their lives in a sea rescue.

The X Factor stars were rescued by the Skerries Coast Guard last week, after getting stranded.

John and Edward Grimes showed their gratitude to the team this week, meeting with local volunteers back on Donabate beach.

Volunteer Vanessa Gaffney said it was difficult to find the famous twins when they got the emergency call:

“The tide was coming in, they really hadn’t much time left. We were mobilised by the Coast Guard’s Maritime Operations centre in Dublin.

“But the only location we had was Donabate beach, which goes on for several miles. And it was pitch black, which made it very hard to locate them.,” she told the Sun.

Edward added that the pair started to seriously panic:

“What was really freaking us out was we had our little cousin with us who couldn’t swim.

“The water was coming in and things were getting quite serious.”

Thankfully a Coast Guard helicopter arrived and saved the boys.

“We owe our lives to them,” the twins said.


Embarrassed Jedward admit they hoped to keep sea rescue a secret

The X Factor stars couldn’t stop their movie-like rescue getting out though


Pop twins Jedward have admitted they hoped to keep their embarrassing sea rescue secret.

The Eurovision stars were rescued by a Coast Guard helicopter when they were close to drowning after a late-night walk with their cousins.

The former X Factor sensations were only saved after calling their mum who got the emergency services on the case.

But John admitted it has left them utterly embarrassed when the news broke last week.

“We didn’t want anybody finding out, that’s why we called our Mum and then she phoned the emergency services,” he said.

And John told 2FM that he was shocked by the scene that greeted him when the life guard came for them.

He said it was like “something out of a movie”. He added: “We were expecting to be rescued by boat, but were surprised when a giant helicopter came to save the day.”


Jedward want to enter Eurovision for a THIRD time after series of flops for Ireland

The X Factor twins plan to write our song for next year – with the help of Conchitta


Jedward have revealed they want to enter Eurovision again – by writing Ireland’s entry next year.

The X Factor twins insisted they won’t perform at the 2015 contest in Austria as they don’t feel people would “appreciate” it.

But the Dubliners – who came eighth with Lipstick when they entered three years ago – feel they know what Ireland needs to win.

John said: “I’d like to write a song, we wrote other songs that are going to be on our album. But I’d like to write a really good Eurovision song.

“I think we have to be prepared, rather than do it last minute. Really prepare for it… I think we need to think outside of Ireland at what will work.”

Edward added that Ireland, who failed to make it past the semi-finals with Kasey, “needs a song that stands out” and the person behind Conchita Wurst’s win wants to work with them.

He said: “The guy who wrote Conchitta’s song, he wants to write a song with us for Eurovision.”

Meanwhile, Jedward told the Ray D’Arcy Show that they will always stay the same – and don’t plan to rebel.

John said: “I feel like me and Edward always try and be who we are before we went on the whole thing. We don’t say we have to start getting loads of tattoos, we have to be hanging out.

“We’re not saying, ‘Look at me, I’m smoking, I’m doing this, I’m doing that’. We just want to always be us and stay who we are.”

Edward added: “Me and John don’t have this massive pressure on our shoulders every day, where we have to impress 1,000 people working for us… we’ve never felt like we’ve been in a position where we have to rebel.”

John said: “If I was to ever rebel, I’d just have a load of chocolates and sweets.”


Free Spirit Hits The Charts

Jedward’s first self written and produced single, released from their own independent record label, Planetjedward, is proving to be a hit with fans all over the world!

Today saw the single enter the Official Irish charts at number 31, ahead of fellow X Factor alumni Little Mix, who came in at number 58.

In Singapore, Free Spirit has maintained a position in the top 3, since before it’s release, on the Popular radio station HotFm’s listeners chart

Joy FM in Australia declared the track a hit with their listeners as it was voted number one in it’s six at six chart

And readers of German magazine Popcorn decided it was their favourite tune of the week by voting it into the number one spot.