OMJ! Rapping, leather studs and THAT hair style: 5 reasons we love Jedward’s new music video

The Dublin twins have upped their music game with this latest track

Corny or not we always fans of Jedward in Goss HQ and we are seriously impressed with their newest music video Oh Hell No.
From crazy barnets to signature outfits, a kick ass location and Jedward hand gestures, this video has it all.

Jedward first burst onto the music scene when they appeared on the UK X Factor and wowed the judges and since then they have represented Ireland in two Eurovisions, had a number of music singles and made some famous friends around the world.

1. Their hair styles
Jedward are famous for their hair styles which so many have tried to mimmick and failed.
Their blonde locks with a bottle of gel usually make for a hair raising style but in this video, they went for a smooth and swept look.
The have started to experiment more with their hair luscious locks and it seems they have dropped the high hair.

2. That wardrobe
If the hair wasn’t enough, Jedwards wardrobe has also turned heads.
The Dublin twins love nothing more than glitz and bits and shiny and colourful suits and boots.
In this video, the boys went for a more demure yet stylish look in matching red and black jackets and also went for black leather and studs.

3. Location Location Location
Far from the streets of Lucan the lads shot this music video.
They are gone international with this video shooting in exotic locations such as New York but it looks as though they went the the East Coast as well with Palm trees and sunshine.
The 23-year-olds are going to appear on Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! and that’s where this singles name hails from.

4 . They’re rap stars now
The dynamic duo have decided to go in a new direction with their style, and firs the first time they’ve shown off their rapping skills (no that wasn’t a typo).
The twins hang out in a warehouse, as you do in NYC, and give fans a taste of their rapping skills.
Forget about Eminem, Kanye West and Jay Z, John and Edward are in town.

5. Their word game is strong
There is nothing better than a strong word game when song writing and Jedward never fail to surprise.
The Lipstick hit makers managed to get quirky words such as Ignoramus and fe fi fo fum into the lyrics.
The twins are set to make a cameo appearance in Sharknado and it seems their music may be as well.


Jedward reunite with Coast Guard to thank them for saving their lives

The Lucan twins were stranded at sea


Pop duo Jedward took time to visit the Coast Guards who saved their lives in a sea rescue.

The X Factor stars were rescued by the Skerries Coast Guard last week, after getting stranded.

John and Edward Grimes showed their gratitude to the team this week, meeting with local volunteers back on Donabate beach.

Volunteer Vanessa Gaffney said it was difficult to find the famous twins when they got the emergency call:

“The tide was coming in, they really hadn’t much time left. We were mobilised by the Coast Guard’s Maritime Operations centre in Dublin.

“But the only location we had was Donabate beach, which goes on for several miles. And it was pitch black, which made it very hard to locate them.,” she told the Sun.

Edward added that the pair started to seriously panic:

“What was really freaking us out was we had our little cousin with us who couldn’t swim.

“The water was coming in and things were getting quite serious.”

Thankfully a Coast Guard helicopter arrived and saved the boys.

“We owe our lives to them,” the twins said.