In defence of Jedward: two plucky Irish lads who have cast off their X Factor shackles

They’ve battled hard to be taken seriously and it’s time we all paid attention

There’s been a clear shift in the evolution of Jedward. When they first appeared on The X Factor in 2009, no one took them seriously. How could they? They were there as comic relief in an otherwise dull year – apart from Olly Murs and Geordie Joe, obviously – and they entertained us. Of course, this was in the day when they were still technically John & Edward and hadn’t yet had the foresight to re-brand to their portmanteau of Jedward. That name change was just the beginning for the blonde twins and their long road to chart success.

They’ve gone from jokey novelty act to serious popstars in a relatively short time and it all started with their two big Eurovision entries: the percussive earworm of ‘Lipstick’ and the innuendo-laden ‘Waterline.’ The success of Eurovision brought them new fans and a new kind of respect. How could you deny the two Irish twins who managed to crush the UK and many other countries with their frenetic dance routines and lacquered hair?

After platinum success in Ireland and many DIY music videos, the two parted ways with Grandpa Munster Louis Walsh in a quest to gain more creative control and began work on their self-produced, self-written fourth studio album. If the LP’s lead single is anything to go by, the good ship Jedward is now charting a much different course. The bubblegum is replaced with a more palatable, more mature pop sound; even their voices have changed, giving way to a deeper and more controlled sound. They’re the new and improved Jedward.

“Over the last year we have gone through a transition as artists, we have had time to reflect about life and put those thoughts into our songs,” John said.

They’re quite right, too. The fact that they, as an X Factor act, are still around and still reinventing themselves five years later is a sign of their plucky resilience. At their core, they’re still the Jedward we all know and love. They still ramble on Twitter and upload daft videos where they dance in their pants, but they’re more considered and more invested in their career. And on the strength of what we’ve heard so far, it looks like Jedward may now be free of their X Factor shackles.

Source: ClickMusic