My hearts on the line
Even though I can’t read your mind
I want to breathe you in and
Exhale your grace
My feelings run deep with you
There’s better days ahead for us
but I need to take a leap of faith
and tell you how I feel before It’s too late
I hope you’ll give me a chance 
So when the time comes
I hope I’m ready to bare my soul to you
Cause this is more than a feeling
You’re a part of me and
Together we could be
They say everyone needs a hero
and that’s what you are to me
You make a better tomorrow
and a brighter day
I know that we could be
I like that you’re not plastic
when disaster strikes
You’re authentic and real
You don’t speak in code
you tell it like it is
I know you’re worth it all
You’re burning through my veins
you take me far away
Don’t you know I mean what I say
cross my heart hope to die
I’m sincerely yours
If you give me a chance
I’ll never let go
but if you don’t then that’s okay
at least I got this off my chest
cause i would go insane if I never told you
I’m still hoping you say yes
I know we could be extraordinary

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Respect Your Dreams

Give me a glimpse of bravery
Do what you gotta do forget reality
Bring on a brand new chapter
Go follow your heart don’t you be afraid
Laugh the pressure off
Give yourself the space to grow
Step out from the dark shadows
Throw your fears aside today
Step into the light free your soul

Respect Your Dreams
Go live your life
Don’t write yourself off
Put up a fight oh
Protect your heart
from those who hate
Respect Your Dreams
it’s not too late
Can you tell me where is the dreamer
that I once knew who wouldn’t give up
who had the right attitude
now I see you’re living in a daze
I’ll do all I can to help you through this faze
Celebrate yourself why be someone else
wash away regrets this life ain’t over yet
Quit flirting with the fear oh don’t you disappear
just know you’re worthy of it all

I know you’ll conquer the demons inside your head
through the highs and lows
I know you’ll find yourself
so don’t you let the bad vibes spread
i wish you all the best

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Teenage Runaway

There´s more to us than flesh and bone so
Look in our eyes to find our soul
All the magic in us it can´t be tamed and
Nothing ever gonna put out this flame
I´m filled with wonder never felt so free
and I gotta search for grace and peace
Cause I´m Teenage Runaway
There´s no time to hide
We´re gonna find our way
Run a thousand miles
They´ll never take us alive
I know that we´ll survive
Cause I´m Teenage Runaway
Have you ever felt like you weren’t´t good enough and
A little different well don´t give up
We´ll support each other through the highs and lows
Cause you´re built for something greater than you know
Through the thunderstorms I´ll be by your side
Promise i give you my word It´s gonna be alright.

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