Jedward say new album will have a Killers & Coldplay sound


According to wacky twins Jedward, their upcoming fourth album will have a sound that it is a mixture of “The Killers-slash-Coldplay.” The former X Factor stars have spent the last two months in LA recording their new album, which is bound to be a massive change of direction from their previous hits such as Lipstick.

John and Edward, 22, revealed that they have written the entire album themselves, and that they are presenting it to record companies.

“We went to LA to record a load of songs all written by us,” said the twins to the Irish Star. “We got all our new songs recorded and they’re really, really cool. We have crazy dance songs and really lyrical songs, hands in the air songs. It’s kinda like The Killers-slash-Coldplay.”

It seems unlikely that either The Killers or Coldplay would describe their music as “hands in the air” but Jedward are confident with their new sound.

“You could play it for a week [on the radio] and no one would know it was us,” said Edward, while John added “We’re singing about a lot of things including people who stab you in the back and things like that.”

“They’re self-empowering songs. They’re like Beyonce’s I’m A Survivor, not cheesy but cool. They’re feel-good songs, but there’s a strong meaning there. If it was an English exam, I’d get an A+.”

“We’re overseeing the whole thing,” said Edward, “We’re making it all happen ourselves. Normally when you’re making an album like this off the X Factor you’re given songs and told ‘Sing this, sing that,’ but this album we’re 100 per cent in control.”

Jedward singing songs that are a cross between Beyonce, The Killers and Coldplay is something we need to hear!

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