Teenage Runaway

There´s more to us than flesh and bone so
Look in our eyes to find our soul
All the magic in us it can´t be tamed and
Nothing ever gonna put out this flame
I´m filled with wonder never felt so free
and I gotta search for grace and peace
Cause I´m Teenage Runaway
There´s no time to hide
We´re gonna find our way
Run a thousand miles
They´ll never take us alive
I know that we´ll survive
Cause I´m Teenage Runaway
Have you ever felt like you weren’t´t good enough and
A little different well don´t give up
We´ll support each other through the highs and lows
Cause you´re built for something greater than you know
Through the thunderstorms I´ll be by your side
Promise i give you my word It´s gonna be alright.