Hot TV: War over Jedward, Celebrity Coach Trip

FORMER Strictly dancer James Jordan and X Factor twins Jedward hated one another when they were on Celebrity Big Brother last year.

He called them “immature and talentless” while they branded him “a nobody”.

So it’s no surprise the war raged on when they ended up on Celebrity Coach Trip together.

Rows broke out between them as they and a host of stars were driven around Europe, and it caused a real split in the camp.

James’s wife Ola and reality star Charlotte Crosby turned against Jedward. But ex-Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallett sided with the twins.

A show source said: “To say James dislikes Jedward would be a huge understatement. When the stars voted for who should go there was a massive divide.

Filming was delayed three hours.”

Fans will have to wait for the footage as the E4 series airs next year.

Source: Daily Star

Jedward set for Coach Trip

Jedward are set to join guide Brendan Sheerin on a special celebrity series of ‘Coach Trip’ as E4 bosses look to give the show a twist with a host of famous faces.

The famous twins, John and Edward Grimes, 26, have signed up to join a host of famous faces on an upcoming journey with guide Brendan Sheerin on the E4 reality show, according to the Daily Star newspaper.
The programme sees tourists travelling on a coach holiday together, but Brendan will not be taking it easy on any of stars.
He said: “These celebs think they’re used to the red carpet life, but they won’t get any special treatment on my coach.
“I’m sure they’ll be schmoozing away, but it won’t be long until I start dishing out the red cards.”
The former ‘X Factor’ duo will be joined on the coach by ex ‘Geordie Shore’ star Charlotte Crosby, The Only Way Is Essex’s star Bobby Norris, Made In Chelsea’s Sam Thompson, and former ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ pair James and Ola Jordan.
After going into the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house last year – and emerging as runners-up on the Channel 5 reality show – Jedward looked for love on dating programme ‘Single AF’.
Before their appearance, the pair discussed how far they’d be willing to go on television – and confessed that they would have no problem getting it on in front of the nation as long as it was edited to perfection.
John said at the time: “If we’re going to do that it has to be perfectly edited, great sound quality, great lighting.
“Great rhythm and great flow and great passion for the people watching it…”
But his sibling Edward wasn’t so sure. He added: “I don’t know if there is going to be time for that, but there could be enough for a spin-off show!”

Source: Female First