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They’re done: Jedward told their panto life is finished after FOUR years on stage at Christmas

They have been replaced at the Olympia by Hometown

Eurovision twins Jedward may be two of the hardest working boys in Ireland – but they’ve been told their time in panto is over.

The former X Factor stars were part of the annual Olympia Christmas production for the last four years, before being replaced by Louis Walsh’s new boyband Hometown.

But producer Stuart O’Connor insisted they made the decision to get rid of them while they were still popular – before their star faded.

He told “I think things always change. I mean every year we try make the show a little bit fresher. I think four years was a really good run for Jedward in the panto.

“I think that was fantastic but I think everything has a life and we decided to change while they were still very popular.

“Because we just felt if you waited much longer and the heat went off them we would have been seen to be changing because we had to.”

This year, Stuart is working on the latest show with Hometown – Aladdin – and are looking for kids to take part in the show.

But Stuart told that he has no hard feelings towards the boys.

He said: “I’ve been with the two boys for four years since then first came out of X Factor – I worked with them straight away. They did our panto for four years. They are two nicer, two harder working guys that you wouldn’t meet.

“It’s not a act. That’s what they are and that’s what they do. They certainly work very hard and they are very good at what they do and they were very good for us in the panto for the four years.